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COMBO Board member Tony “T-Loop” Molina wants to start an open stage that regularly features COMBO Members. It would be open to all genres and styles of music including, but not limited to, electronica, DJ, experimental, acoustic, folk, country, blues, rock, ska, world, metal, etc.

But first, we need to know how many of you might be interested. If you are interested in playing a COMBO open stage please reply to this email with “I want to Play at a COMBO Open Stage” in the subject line and if you have a preference please also let us know what night(s) might work best for you and what part of the Denver Metro area is most convenient for you.

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  1. Anthony Lull Anthony Lull says:

    The Lull band would be interesting in it. Please contact us on theullband@gmail.com
    We are in Denver area north to south.

    thank you! Anthony

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