(Note: these are not organized in any particular order and have not been updated for quite a few years.)

  1. To hold regular meetings at which relevant speakers can give detailed descriptions of how various segments of the music business work, as well as providing opportunities for networking among members. Status: Achieved(We hold regular monthly meetings where industry professionals speak on relevant topics and networking opportunities abound.)
  2. To sponsor panel discussions, critique sessions, and workshops on specific important issues so that questions can be answered and newcomers can obtain information on how to effectively promote themselves without making the same mistakes as did the veterans. Status: Achieved (We have presented panels of professional producers and music writers from the local media).
  3. To participate in music festivals showcasing and celebrating local talent, possibly in conjunction with other organizations. Status: Achieved (COMBO has participated in Westword Music Showcases, the Warped Tour, Sunstock, Mile High Music Festival, South Park Music Fest, Broomstock, Monolith, and others).
  4. To provide free UPC codes for their independently released recordings.  Status: Achieved  (COMBO purchased a block of barcodes and distributes them for free to any member who needs one).
  5. To arrange various member discounts with a variety of recording studios and retailers.  Status: Achieved  
  6. To provide copyright, ASCAP/BMI and other forms and brochures for members’ edification, as well as striving to provide assistance with completing and filing them. Status: Achieved (COMBO also provides information and brochures to help members contact aforementioned). 
  7. To act as a liaison to connect performing members to those seeking to employ them. Status: Achieved  ( COMBO has helped  members obtain paying gigs).
  8. To Address how we can best assist in the invigoration of the local, and eventually the regional, music community. Status: Ongoing.
  9. Broaden membership and seek input from all to accurately identify needs and interests.  Status: Ongoing.
  10. Maintain a presence on the Internet to enhance the exposure of local performers and songwriters to the public.Status: Achieved. (You are here!)
  11. Address the issue of radio airplay, which has historically been difficult for local recording artists to attain. Status:Ongoing. 
  12. To support the creation and maintenance of independent local stations such as 1190AM and assist however possible.  Status: Achieved (COMBO sponsored Radio 1190 with money specifically because they play more local music than most stations. We have also given money to another local radio station).
  13. The investigation and monitoring of FCC legislation. Status: Achieved and Ongoing (COMBO monitors the news media for progress of FCC legislation and helped to distribute and sign petitions on the issue of Low Power FM radio).
  14. To encourage the use of local music on local television programs.   Status: Ongoing (The CHHC is involved inMile High Livax on Channel 57. COMA/COMBO assisted a film producer in locating, licensing and using local artists’ work in a film).
  15. Look into the use of local music in films. Status: Achieved.
  16. Encourage the use of local music at sporting events. Status: Achieved.
  17. Encourage the use of local music in audio/visual advertisements made in Colorado. Status: Achieved.
  18. Encourage local government to support musical endeavors. Ascertain the financial impact various music uses and practices have on our community. Status: Ongoing.
  19. To prepare a comprehensive music directory to include listings of all musical talent, bars, clubs, concert venues, recording studios, record labels, record stores, managers, agents, promoters, songwriters, music publishers, record producers and engineers as well as providers of other recording services, distributors, press (music reviewers), radio, publicists, music schools and teachers, internet sites, tour managers and consultants, professionals such as attorneys and accountants with music biz expertise, and all other enterprises and businesses that involve music, as well as a listing of major music events and festivals within the state. Same will be offered for sale to interested parties and also widely distributed free of charge in an effort to ensure to the furthest extent possible that all potential users of music are aware of the wealth of talent, facilities and resources in this area. It will be given to filmmakers, agents, and all relevant city and state offices to enable them to make appropriate referrals in response to inquiries involving the music scene. Status: Achieved. However, this proved to be a task that sounded good in theory but not in reality. Therefore, we encourage everyone to check out our on-line directory which can be updated on a daily basis. A printed directory was fraught with old numbers, etc., by the time it came out.
  20. To Improve availability of information about the local music community via various city and state departments, the Chamber of Commerce, local on-line information sites, etc. Status: Not yet Achieved.
  21. Support and assist in promoting the programs at various nightclubs in Colorado which are of tremendous value to members of the music community in disseminating needed information and insights in an interesting and often humorous manner. Status: Achieved 
  22. Support the efforts of local record store Twist & Shout in their endeavors to utilize a nationwide network of independent record stores to make recordings widely available, as well as other worthy T&S projects being contemplated. Status: Ongoing.
  23. Determine what music events and festivals would be most effective and beneficial to the local community and plan to work on those, either independently or in conjunction with other presenters or organizations. Help to promote local events by inviting industry executives and forwarding notices to national calendars to create a buzz about showcases, performers and the scene in general. Status: Always looking for more!
  24. Drafting by knowledgeable professionals of “Tip Sheets” on various topics for distribution in print form to those who need information and for publication on the web site (see “How To” button to the left for subject matter). Status: Achieved and Ongoing.
  25. Encourage and facilitate networking among members and mentorship of newcomers by established professionals. Status: Achieved (This happens every month at our regular monthly meetings.)

Assistance is needed with all of the foregoing.
If you would like to help, please contact us for volunteer opportunities!

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