COMBO is a community organization of musicians and music scene supporters. The Colorado Music Business Organization’s mission is to offer the best education and support resources for the Colorado music community.

The Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO) is a volunteer-run, registered, and incorporated, tax-exempt, non-profit organization that offers the best education and support resources for all your music needs in the Colorado area. Members and Supporters understand that music needs both artists and fans or supporters. COMBO understands that you need these as well as a solid knowledge of how the music business works. We are always looking for ways to support the artists creating the very music being enjoyed. Become a member and support the music, get access to discounts, marketing strategies, a UPC symbol/barcode for independently released CDs, and more. Please check the different membership types and select the right one for you. 

COMBO also holds free, monthly panels around Denver with speakers talking on a variety of topics within the industry. These are free, open to non-members, and provide an excellent exchange of information opportunity every month with musicians, supporters, and other music-related individuals. We are always eager to hear what topics you would like to see added in the future. Join the COMBO e-newsletter to keep up-to-date on these panels, shows, news, and upcoming events all over the state.

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