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Our Next Program! May 20th

COMBO’s Next Program Monday, May 20th : Grammy Winning Sound Engineer Clark Hagan on Why You Need a Really Good Demo Recording

COMBO’s own Board Member and Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer Clark Hagan has offered to present a program on Why You Need a Really Good Recording of your music. He’ll explain the differences most commonly found between professional recordings and DIY recordings that astute people can really hear.

An example was brought up at a COMBO Program Committee meeting about a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance a few years ago who had a friend, Christina Perri, who had co-written (along with Drew Lawrence and Barrett Yeretsian) a song called “Jar of Hearts” that the contestant really liked and wanted to dance to. The demo she presented, while good, would go over the airwaves sounding not-so-good. So the producers of the dance competition said she could use the song but only if she got a MUCH better recording of it for them to use. End result: The dancer ended up in the Top 5 and the song ended up selling millions of “records” reaching the Top 20 in the U.S., and being certified Platinum 3xs over! So let Clark explain to you what was going on in the TV show’s execs minds and why it is important that you have a great recording ready to go!

From Wikipedia:
Perri wrote the song in December 2009, only to begin working with her production and management team in February 2010. While recording for an EP, “Jar of Hearts” was additionally going to be recorded with a full band; however, Perri later decided against it stating that “I imagined people dancing to it. It was all a big ‘just in case.'”

Clark Hagan is a Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer with a world class resume and a legendary mastery of the recording arts.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver, Clark began to master his craft as a recording engineer while working with the legendary Bill Porter whose credits include artists such as Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and the Everly Brothers while at RCA from 1959 to 1964. After a short stint at Allen-Martin Productions in Louisville, Kentucky, Clark moved to Nashville where his trusted relationship with Porter provided the opportunity to work with the legendary Chet Atkins.

In his time with Atkins, Clark engineered the Grammy Award Winning record in 1996 for best country instrumental and was nominated again in 1997 for a record with Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel in the same category in which he played guitar on to. Clark’s success with Atkins paid off and subsequently led to work with some of Nashville’s top artists including Ray Stevens, Alison Krauss, Bryan White, and Jeffery Steele amongst others. In the highly competitive world of Nashville Clark continued to build relationships with such producers as Scott Litt, Tony Brown, Kyle Lehning, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Bill Schnee, and James William Guercio while also getting to work out of some elite studios such as Woodland Sound Studios, Quad, Omni, and Masterfonics.

Clark has worked with other such national artists as Kenny Passarelli, Marty Haggard, and Eugene Moles along with Colorado artists such as Dave Preston, Oscar Ross, Wild Angels, Nick O’Connor, and Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels to name a few. Clark has also been working with the Caribou Ranch estate on the “Caribou Collection” project with artists Elton John, Billy Joel, and Chicago, and is also refurbished one of the original Caribou Ranch consoles the “Olive”.

Whether it be mixing, tracking, or producing, from rock to country, Clark brings his rich heritage and diverse experience to every project and is always looking for artists who share the same passion. to make great sounding records. Along with doing projects out of Macy Sound Studios, Clark is also an experienced technician and is also knowledgeable and competent tech and audio consultant.

Artists Worked With
Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens, Brian White, Jeffery Steele, Turley Richards, Tommy Emmanuel, Duke Robillard, Kenny Passarelli, Days of the New, Mandy Barnett, Vince Gill, Tantric, Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner, Allison Krauss, The Cox Family, Billy Jo Walker Jr., Harold Bradley, Boots Randolph, JD Sumner, Mickey Gilley, Perry Como, and others

Producers Worked With
Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens, James William Guercio, Bill Porter, Steve Wariner, Kyle Lehning, Bill Schnee, Billy Jo Walker Jr., Scott Litt, Gene Eichelberger, Turley Richards, Kenny Passarelli, Tom Harding, and others

Awards / Highlights
– Grammy Award Winner with Chet Atkins 1996 Best Country Instrumental E

“Jam Man” became the theme song for Esurance, has been played over 5,000,000 times Nationally

– Grammy Nominated with Chet Atkins, and Tommy Emmanuel 1997 Best Country Instrumental E,G

– RIAA Certified Platinum record with Brian White E

– Multi-Platinum movie, Get Serious with Ray Stevens M,E
– Justine Valdini-Where Does It Stop M,E

Reached #9 on Adult Contemporary Charts
– Phil Jensen-Oh Silent Night P,M,E
Reached #23 Adult Contemporary Charts


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