Reasons to Join COMBO

Visibility – Be seen and heard. Stand out and get noticed as an active member of the community. Generate personal visibility with the power of the COMBO organization championing you.
Voice – What is important to you, is important to us. We advocate on your behalf by elevating your voice within the community and with music business influencers.
Networking – It’s not just who you know — it’s who others know as well. Networking is powerful. Get exposure to other members, build relationships with people in the industry, and connect with like-minded individuals to help further your music goals.  
Promotion! – EP Release? Tour? All members get promotion via our marketing channels. Increase your brand awareness and gain more fans. 
Stuff! – It’s not just merch! Members have access to barcodes for distribution. Having a UPC code on your product not only enables efficient distribution but also allows each sale to be counted by SoundScan and other companies that compile tabulations, including the creators of the music charts.
Discounts! – COMBO members receive a 10% discount at SoundTown on any purchases. Be sure to let them know you are a COMBO member at checkout.
Education – Access to events, workshops, and meetings covering various music business-related topics. Grow your music business knowledge and stay up to date on industry trends.  
Professional Support – We’ve got your back. COMBO has an Ombudsman program that can help you work out any disagreements you may have with a venue, promoter, or band member.


Please use this form to Join COMBO or Renew your expiring Membership

Memberships last 1 year.

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You can join completely online using a credit card or PayPal account!

  • If you are a solo artist, please join as an individual, only $30 per full year.
  • If you are a band member, please sign up as a band, so that everyone in your band will receive a members only login, only $55 per year.
  • If you sign up as a business, you will receive members only logins for yourself and up to 9 employees, only $95 per year.
  • If you are not a musician or business person, please join as a Music Supporter, only $20 per year.
  • Memberships are good for a Full Year from when you join or renew!



Music Supporter – $20/year

Individual – $30/year

Band – $55/year

Business – $95/year

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