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Photo: The late Bob Fisher | From Chris Daniels on Facebook: Hey, Colorado musicians and friends: I know many of you knew Bob Fisher or worked with him or just loved his sax playing and were saddened by the news of his passing. Many of you asked if there was something you might do to help. Well, as it turns out – there is.

As you might imagine – a long battle with cancer, a broken arm and eventually COVID took its toll on Julie Fisher and the whole family. And Bob’s life insurance is not enough to cover funeral costs much less gaps between co-pays and what his health insurance did not cover. I talked to Julie via FB and she was so happy to hear the love that is here for Bubba.

So to make this easy, and maybe even heartwarming – please consider sending a note – and a check – to Julie. It’s the old analogue way and anything you can send will really help.

Her address is:
Julie Fisher
411 West North Street
Neosho, MO, 64850

I know there are online ways to do this and maybe someone can work with Julie to set up a GoFundMe. Until then, maybe a written note from you or just a donation or both will be something special from Bob’s Colorado family. Please consider it – and thank you.

Big hugs and thank you so much. ~ CD


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