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Davy Allard on Facebook, 5/17/22: I just lost my best friend who’s been battling Multiple Myeloma. Great man and great guitar player. RIP, Jeff Schell.

Sady, the U.S.A. reached the One Million Mark in COVID-related deaths two weeks ago. Our music community continues to lose our talented artists. And the number of suicides is staggering as well. We are going to miss them so much. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost, please check them out at http://www.wikipedia.com

May 2022
18: Silvia Baleani, Uruguayan operatic soprano.

16: Lenny Laroux, Dutch musician and singer; Arkady Manjiev, 60, Russian composer and singer.

15: Robert Cogoi, 82, Belgian singer; Deborah Fraser, 56, South African gospel singer, stroke.

14: Renat Ibragimov, 74, Russian singer, actor and politician.

13: Teresa Berganza, 89, Spanish mezzo-soprano; Ricky Gardiner, 73, Scottish guitarist (Beggars Opera) and composer; Lil Keed, 24, American rapper (“Nameless”); Simon Preston, 83, English organist, conductor, and composer.

12: Andrei Alpatov, 55, Russian drummer (Trek).

11: William Bennett, 86, British flautist; Trevor Strnad, 41, American heavy metal singer (The Black Dahlia Murder); Alexander Toradze, 69, Georgian pianist.

Photo: Trevor Strnad (from the Black Dahlia’s Facebook page)


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