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Michael Hossler on Facebook, 3/14/22: Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of those bands that I really loved. Sorry to hear of the passing of guitarist Barry Bailey, one of the founding members who played on every one of their records until his retirement. RIP, Barry.

If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost, especially Barry Bailey, Traci Braxton, Brad Martin, Timmy Thomas, Bobbie Nelson, Hennadiy Pavlyk, please check their bios out at http://www.wikipedia.com or on their own personal websites.

March 2022
14: Pervis Spann, 89, American broadcaster, music promoter and radio personality; Wu Zuqiang, 94, Chinese composer.

13: Li Guangxi, 92, Chinese operatic tenor, stroke.

12: Barry Bailey, 73, American rock guitarist (Atlanta Rhythm Section), complications from multiple sclerosis; Traci Braxton, 50, American R&B singer (The Braxtons) and television personality (Braxton Family Values), esophageal cancer; Kandikonda, 48, Indian lyricist (Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Idiot, Satyam), throat cancer; Pete St. John, 90, Irish folk singer-songwriter (“The Fields of Athenry”, “The Rare Ould Times”).[

11: Guayo Cedeño, 48, Honduran musician and record producer, respiratory failure; Brad Martin, 48, American country singer (“Before I Knew Better”); Gavin Martin, 60, British music journalist (Alternative Ulster); Timmy Thomas, 77, American R&B singer-songwriter (“Why Can’t We Live Together”) and musician.

10: Bobbie Nelson, 91, American pianist and singer; Hennadiy Pavlyk, 52, Ukrainian musician (Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir).

9: Ron Miles (58), renowned trumpeter, coronetist, and composer, long-term illness; Richard Podolor, 86, American musician (The Pets) and record producer (Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night).


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