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Photo: The late Sally Kellerman (from Wikipedia) We are going to miss them so much. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost, please check them out at http://www.wikipedia.com

March 2022
2: Chuck Criss, 36, American musician (Freelance Whales), suicide (death announced on this date); SiMan Baby, 58, American disc jockey, pancreatic cancer (death announced on this date).

1: Richard Pratt, American singer (Blue Magic) (death announced on this date).

February 2022

27: Hanna Havrylets, 63, Ukrainian composer; Gaetano Giani Luporini, 85, Italian composer, complications from COVID-19; MC Skibadee, 47, British electronic music artist and MC; Igor Morozov, 70, Russian poet, composer and KGB colonel; Juan Antonio Nieto Arroyo, 61, Spanish musician.

26: Michail Goleminov, 65, Bulgarian pianist, conductor and composer; Nida Patcharawirapong, 37, Thai actress, singer, and racing driver, drowned (body discovered on this date); Eugeniy Shapovalov, 53–54, Belarusian-born American-Israeli singer; Snootie Wild, 36, American rapper (“Yayo”, “Made Me”), shot.

25: Oliver Frank, 58, German singer; Alibaba Mammadov, 93, Azerbaijani singer, composer, and teacher; Nicky Tesco, 66, British singer (The Members).

24: Don Craine, 76, British singer and guitarist (Downliners Sect); Sally Kellerman, 84, American actress (M*A*S*H, Back to School, Brewster McCloud), and singer, heart failure.

23: Carlos Barbosa-Lima, 77, Brazilian classical and jazz guitarist; Jaakko Kuusisto, 48, Finnish composer, conductor, and violinist, brain cancer; Jayananda Lama, 65, Nepali folk singer and actor (Chhakka Panja 2, Nai Nabhannu La 5); Riky Rick, 34, South African rapper, suicide; Antonietta Stella, 92, Italian operatic soprano.


Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Kellerman#/media/

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