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March 2024
28: Stephanie Lai Ming-sze, 58, Hong Kong singer and actress (The Inspector Wears Skirts), cancer.

26: Chandra Kumara Kandanarachchi, 76, Sri Lankan singer; Sladana Miloševic, 68, Serbian singer, songwriter and record producer, Sjögren syndrome*; George Nicolescu, 74, Romanian musician.


25: Humphrey Campbell, 66, Surinamese-Dutch singer, cancer; Maurice El Médiouni, 95, Algerian pianist, singer, and composer.

24: Vincent Bonham**, 67, American singer (Raydio); Def Rhymz, 53, Surinamese-Dutch rapper, heart failure; Péter Eötvös, 80, Hungarian composer (Love and Other Demons, Three Sisters) and conductor (Ensemble intercontemporain).


23: Ulf Georgsson, 61, Swedish songwriter and drummer (Flamingokvintetten); Igor Ozim, 92, Slovenian classical violinist and pedagogue; Maurizio Pollini, 82, Italian pianist.

21: Omer Detz, 30, Israeli singer (HaKokhav HaBa), epileptic seizure; Laurens van Rooyen, 88, Dutch pianist and composer.

20: Faramarz Aslani, 79, Iranian singer, guitarist and music producer, cancer; George Darko, 73, Ghanaian burger-highlife musician; Gene Elders, 80, American fiddler (Ace in the Hole Band); Cocky Mazzetti, 87, Italian singer.

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