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From Ryan Chrys: Oh man, Moses .. love you brother. Nobody on Earth picked like you, nobody in Heaven will either. Thanks for decades of inspiration and friendship. See you at the gig tonight, you’ll be sittin’ in with the Rough Cuts as usual.

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From Mary Little re Moses Walker

Sigh …. I still remember the day you walked into our humble little Sunday afternoon jam at Ziggie’s Saloon… so many years ago.

That ornery smile and those raspy vocals stole my heart right away; but I believe you stole the hearts of musicians and music listeners every where you went.

There’s a new jam session forming right now, and the angels are falling in love with you, too.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Moses Walker – your memory will continue to be a blessing in so many lives, the spirit of what your words, your music and your presence brought to the world lives on through every person who ever met you.

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From John Macy: Just heard the tragic news that Michael Rhodes, my favorite bassist on the planet, passed today. I met him back in the ‘80s via Pete Wasner and he was an integral part of most all the records I did in Nashville. You just played better when he was in the room, there was no other choice due not only to the depth of his groove, but the depth of his personality, too. Rest easy, pal.

If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost, please check them out at

March 2023
7: Serghei Ciuhrii, 84, Moldovan conductor, composer and teacher.

6: Eric Alan Livingston, 38, American musician (Mamaleek).

5: Arif Cooper, Jamaican musician, record producer and DJ; Sharifa Fadel [de], 84, Egyptian singer and actress; Kenneth Montgomery, 79, British conductor, pneumonia; Gary Rossington, 71, American Hall of Fame guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Collins Band).

4: Sueli Costa, 79, Brazilian composer and singer; Robert Haimer, 69, American musician (Barnes & Barnes) and songwriter (“Fish Heads”); Michael Rhodes*, 69, American bassist (The Notorious Cherry Bombs); Spot*, 71, American record producer (Damaged, Milo Goes to College, Zen Arcade).

3: Carlos Garnett, 84, Panamanian-American jazz saxophonist; David Lindley, 78, American musician (Kaleidoscope, The Section) and singer (“Mercury Blues”); Calvin Newton, 93, American gospel singer (The Oak Ridge Boys, Sons of Song).

2: Steve Mackey, 56, English bassist (Pulp) and record producer; Wayne Shorter*, 89, American jazz saxophonist (The Jazz Messengers, Miles Davis Quintet, Weather Report), 12-time Grammy winner; Gothart Stier, 84, German singer.

1: Neela Ramgopal, 87, Indian Carnatic vocalist; Irma Serrano, 89, Mexican actress (Las amantes del señor de la noche, Tiburoneros, El monasterio de los buitres) and singer, heart attack; 1: Wally Fawkes, 98, Canadian-British jazz clarinettist and satirical cartoonist.

Photo: Moses Walker

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