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Bergman Song Book | By Raja Razek and Dakin Andone, CNN | Award-winning lyricist Marilyn Bergman died Saturday morning at her home in Los Angeles, according to her daughter Julie Bergman. She was 93. Along with her husband and collaborator Alan, Bergman was nominated for 16 Academy Awards over the course of her career and won three, including for the song “The Way We Were” from the 1973 film that shared its name and starred Barbra Streisand. The song — with music by composer Marvin Hamlisch — also won two Grammys.

“She has been declining for the last couple of years, and in the last several weeks, it was clear that she was getting ready to leave, and she died very peacefully without any pain or struggle,” Julie Bergman told CNN in a phone call. “My father and I were with her, and it was beautiful, and she looked beautiful, and it was very peaceful.”
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The Bergmans won two other Oscars for their song “Windmills of Your Mind” in 1968’s “The Thomas Crown Affair” and for the score of 1983’s “Yentl,” … The couple also won four Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards, among others.

The husband and wife “always” worked together, Bergman said in a 1996 workshop for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). “We’re thinking separately when we’re not together,” she said, “so we’ll bring something different into the room when we get together to work.”

Bergman became the first woman elected to ASCAP’s Board of Directors in 1985, per ASCAP, and went on to be elected President and Chairman of the Board in 1994. In 1980, Bergman and her husband were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
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The songwriter Paul Williams, the current ASCAP president and chairman, called Bergman “one of the greatest lyricists who ever lived” and a “brilliant songwriter who together with her husband … gave us some of the most beautiful and enduring lyrics of all time.”
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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

So many musicians lost this past week. We are going to miss them so much. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost, please check them out at http://www.wikipedia.com

January 2022
12: Waiphot Phetsuphan, 79, Thai luk thung singer; Ronnie Spector, 78, American Hall of Fame singer (The Ronettes), cancer.

11: Bruce Anderson, American guitarist (MX-80); Martin Carrizo, 50, Argentine drummer (A.N.I.M.A.L., Gustavo Cerati, Indio Solari), complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Vince Fontaine, 60, Canadian musician (Eagle & Hawk, Indian City), heart attack; Rosa Lee Hawkins, 77, American singer (The Dixie Cups), complications from surgery; Herman Rechberger, 74, Austrian-born Finnish composer; Jordi Sabatés, 73, Spanish pianist.

10: Garry Bradbury, 62, British-born Australian electronic musician (death announced on this date); Rose Beauchamp, 75, New Zealand puppeteer and pianist (death announced on this date); Francis Jackson, 104, British organist and composer; Khan Jamal, 75, American jazz vibraphonist; Burke Shelley, 71, Welsh bassist and vocalist (Budgie).

9: Maria Ewing, 71, American opera singer; James Mtume, 76, American musician (Mtume) and songwriter (“Juicy Fruit”, “The Closer I Get to You”).

8: Marilyn Bergman, 93, American Hall of Fame songwriter (“The Way We Were”, “The Windmills of Your Mind”, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”), Oscar winner (1969, 1974, 1984), respiratory failure; Ramdas Kamat, 90, Indian musician and actor; Michael Lang, 77, American concert producer, co-creator of Woodstock, non-Hodgkin lymphoma; Aleksandr Lebedev- Frontov, 61, Russian painter, collagist, and musician; Sornphet Sornsuphan, 73, Thai luk thung singer.

7: Stéphane Blet, 52, French classical pianist and composer, fall; Harpdog Brown, 59, Canadian blues musician; Koady Chaisson, 37, Canadian musician (The East Pointers); Marc Dé Hugar, 52, Australian glam metal guitarist (Candy Harlots, The Screaming Tribesmen).

6: Carlo Meliciani, 92, Italian operatic baritone; Gloria Piedimonte, 66, Italian actress (The Face with Two Left Feet), singer and dancer (Discoring), complications from COVID-19; Calvin Simon, 79, American Hall of Fame singer (Parliament-Funkadelic); Yoram Taharlev, 83, Israeli songwriter and poet; Clive Zanda, 82, Trinidad and Tobago jazz musician and architect, complications from diabetes.

5: Dale Clevenger, 81, American horn player, Grammy winner (1994, 2001), complications from Waldenstrom’s disease; Neil Nongkynrih, 51, Indian pianist, founder of Shillong Chamber Choir;


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