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Buddy Holly on Fb, 4/07/22: We’re heartbroken to hear of the sad passing of Larry Holley. Larry was Buddy’s eldest brother, and today he joins his other siblings Travis, Patricia Lou and Buddy, and his parents Lawrence and Ella, in heaven.

The music we know today wouldn’t exist without Buddy, and who knows what direction Buddy may have taken without his big brother? Larry made quite his mark on the world.

As we come to terms with the loss of Larry Holley, Buddy’s last remaining sibling, we must reflect and appreciate how this generous, kind man contributed to Buddy’s career and the music we all now love.

Buddy’s family was a loving, hard working, close knit unit. They all enjoyed playing and listening to music, at home and with friends. Being around a decade older than their little brother, Larry and Travis Holley were both wise mentors throughout Buddy’s childhood, teenage and the years up until his untimely tragic passing, especially in supporting his early music ambitions.

His wonderfully supportive parents LO and Ella, brothers Larry and Travis, and sister Patricia were humble, proud and respected in their community, and each one will be remembered with affection and appreciation by Buddy Holly and Crickets fans for the influence and inspiration they afforded Buddy, but most of all the genuine deep love Buddy enjoyed from a family with worthy traditional values and compassion for others.

They, with Maria Elena, and his close music colleagues, all helped Buddy light up the world.

Larry carried that torch to the end. His flame is dimmed, but will shine bright again in heaven when he rejoins Buddy and his family.

Our sincere condolences go out to Larry’s family and friends.

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