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Brian Webb and Rose Carbajal (from Kate’s Facebook page tribute)

From Tim Barrett on Fb., 11/01/18: So sad to hear about the passing of Brian Webb, a true original of the Denver music scene. Always a good friend to talk to, and he was a good family man. He will be missed.

From Kate Kulesh-Crisler on Facebook: Very sad day indeed. RIP Brian Webb….sleep with Angels now. Posted this earlier when I first heard the news, but I’d like to elaborate about our friendship. Brian was a huge influence on me with music here. He means a lot to me. Myself and my entire band moved here from New York in the 90’s.

Back then, there was no internet, so I ordered a newspaper from the Chamber of Commerce to look up the economy, home prices, rental prices and of course talent and booking agencies. I stumbled upon the Michael Anthony Agency. I called the number listed, and spoke with Brian Webb who was then working with Michael Talerico at the agency. I explained to him we were all coming out there to relocate, and that I needed a booking agent and some information on the original music scene there. After talking for nearly a half hour, I was convinced there was a decent scene here and had a booking agent. Brian Webb.

As soon as we arrived, I contacted him and let him know we were here. He normally booked cover bands, but was nice enough to throw my band’s name around and Orderly 13 was soon playing the best original clubs and shows here in Denver. Steve Richards, owner of the London Pub back then and guitarist was a good friend of Brian’s and was extremely supportive as well. Rose Carbijal was the starter and head of The Musicians Forum and is also Brian’s Partner in life. Her efforts and support were nothing short of phenomenal. Brian eventually started his own agency called Webb Entertainment. Brian showed extreme support in our local music scene and I’d like to recognize him for that in his memory. The positive impact he put forth along with Rose and Steve Richards, made those 3 a strong positive force for our music scene and community.

Thank you, Brian, for all you did for all of us in the scene. You will truly be missed. Today the music stage is yours. Thank you for allowing us to flourish with your kindness and giving so much to the musicians and the scene here in Denver. You will forever remain in my memory as a friend, and positive force in music. RIP.

P. S. I was lucky enough to tell him this on the phone last month. I’m thankful for that phone call.


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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

November 2018
7: Francis Lai, 86, French film score composer (A Man and a Woman, Rider on the Rain, Love Story), Oscar winner (1971); Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, 67, Irish musician and composer.

6: Rasmus Berg, 45, Danish musician; Hugh McDowell, 65, English cellist (Electric Light Orchestra).

5: Ali Squalli Houssaini, 86, Moroccan writer, lyricist of the national anthem.

4: Roman Grinev, 41, Russian jazz bassist; Yuriy Mislavski, 71, Russian pianist; Andrzej Mitan (pl), 68, Polish conceptual artist, singer and composer; Tama Renata, New Zealand musician (Herbs); Wolfgang Zuckermann, 96, German-born American harpsichord maker and sustainability activist (death announced on this date).

3: Tom Diaz, 32, American singer and musician (The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die); Josh Fauver, 38, American rock bassist (Deerhunter); Maria Guinot, 73, Portuguese singer (“Silêncio e tanta gente”), lung infection; Mimoun El Oujdi, 68, Moroccan raï singer, cancer; Eustaquio Sosa (es), 79, Uruguayan poet, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

2: Mark Fosson, American primitive guitarist, cancer; Roy Hargrove, 49, American jazz trumpeter, Grammy winner (1997, 2002), cardiac arrest; Glenn Schwartz, 78, American musician (James Gang, Pacific Gas & Electric, All Saved Freak Band).

1: Dave Rowland, 74, American country music singer (Dave & Sugar), stroke.

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October 2018
31: Kenny Marks, 67, American Christian music singer, heart attack.

30: Hardy Fox, 73, American musician and composer (The Residents), co-founder of The Cryptic Corporation, brain cancer; Rico J. Puno, 65, Filipino pop singer, heart failure.


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