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Dave Ownbey (from his Facebook page) (Although we asked for more info on Dave from his management group, we have not yet heard back from them so we opted for what was on the band’s website). This cast of characters was responsible for not only changing the band name Blue Sky to Lee Malone but also where the hardest working group of guys, and they backed it up with wholesale changes in the way they went about doing their business; to creating a new sound and aggressive style of rock music, and a modern look that was accepted by their mass following and was ahead of their time.

The band went over the pros and cons of a group of names: Finally, when they had a majority vote, the name “Lee Malone” was the winner. Now that they had a name, the other goals they were working on were coming together — their pay status at the top of the food chain, elite clubs and concerts, a library of original and cover songs, and their new look.

The band had a huge following in the southwest United States that included Dallas, Houston, and Austin. To make a huge impact of the name change, the band decided it had enough of “Blue Sky” and, on their way to The Agora Ballroom in Houston, they went for it. There was stiff resistance to changing the marquee to “Lee Malone” so they ordered the road crew not to set up the equipment until this was done. After many calls and conversations to/with management and the responsible booking agents, they got their way and had a killer week. ~ Jim Fleming, currently with kmradio, October 2006

Originally formed from the Bremerton, Washington band, Blue Sky, the band moved to Denver in 1980 and became local favorites as Lee Malone. They toured extensively in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc., and back up to Seattle when they had a chance. Their Miller Beer sponsorship was a prerequisite to the big record deal that never happened. In 1984 they went their separate ways. ~ Norm Peterson, January 2002

Band members: Laaron (Lee Malone) Darone ~ Guitar, Vocals; Jim Fleming ~ Drums; Tim Kelliher ~ Drums, Vocals; Mike Koseski ~ Bass, Vocals; David Ownbey ~ Drums; Norm Peterson ~ Keyboards, Vocals; Mike Williams ~ Guitar, Vocals; Ric Wilson ~ Bass, Bass Pedals, Vocals; Bruce Crawford ~ Audio-Lighting Tech (from PNW Bands’ webpage)

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