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Photo: Jim Gordon | From Rocky Hoery, Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame: Our dear friend and fellow entertainer, Kay Clark passed away at 97 years of age in late February. I talked with Kay’s daughter, Diane and later with Doug Gohr and we are planning a “Celebration of Life” for Kay.

The date will be Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 1:00 P.M. til 5:00 P.M. at Dougie G’s, 102nd and Quivas Street, Thornton, Colorado.

This information will be posted on the Colorado Country Music Facebook page. Any and all musicians and entertainers are welcome to participate.

She was born in Wales. Moved to The United States, Started as a singer in Chicago, moved to Florida and then Colorado. She billed herself as a “Vocal Stylist.” She performed in the Denver area in Country Music, Pop and Jazz music. She is survived by two daughters, Diane and Carol.

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March 2023
15: Théo de Barros, 80, Brazilian composer; Daniel Bourgue, 86, French horn player.

14: Bobby Caldwell, 71, American singer (“What You Won’t Do for Love”) and songwriter (“The Next Time I Fall”).

13: Canisso, 57, Brazilian bassist (Raimundos); Jim Gordon*, 77, American musician (Derek and the Dominos) and convicted murderer.

* (This is a sad story…)

12: Marek Kopelent, 90, Czech composer and composition professor (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague), chairman of the Czech section of the International Society for Contemporary Music.

11: Costa Titch, 27, South African rapper.

10: Junior English, 71–72, Jamaican reggae singer; Napoleon XIV*, 84, American singer (“They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”).

* (Which of us has not said “They’re Coming to Take Me Away!)

9: Robin Lumley, 74, British jazz keyboardist (Brand X), heart failure.

8: Marcel Amont, 93, French singer; Jim Durkin, 58, American thrash metal guitarist (Dark Angel); Josua Madsen, 45, Danish drummer (Artillery), traffic collision; Chaim Topol, 87, Israeli actor (Fiddler on the Roof, Flash Gordon, For Your Eyes Only), complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

7: Michael Brimer, 89, South African-Australian organist, pianist, and conductor; Serghei Ciuhrii, 84, Moldovan conductor, composer and teacher.

Photo: Jim Gordon (d)

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