Great Event! The Vintage Voltage Expo, the Colorado Guitar Show, the Colorado Radio Collectors Display Was a Smash! We had record attendance – about 1500 people! Everyone loved it! The combination of the Vintage Voltage Expo with the Colorado Guitar Show and the Colorado Radio Collectors Display was just such a great mash-up! We had over 100 tables of vintage electronics, classic audio gear and vinyl records at Vintage Voltage, another 70 tables at the Guitar Show, and 30 tables in the Radio Club display. Over 200 tables in all!

COMBO wants to congratulate Rebecca Beshope for winning the guitar-themed quilt and Jim for winning the “change bowl” (you know – one of those containers that you put all the stuff from your pockets in at the end of the day!)

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Duane M. Evarts, owner | Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Magazine

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