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By Cailyn Cox, MSN | Bruno Mars enjoyed incredible success in his career until one of his biggest hits, “Uptown Funk”, became the subject of much controversy. The collaboration with Mark Ronson dominated the charts and earned him praise, but it resulted in multiple lawsuits for copyright infringement.

In recent years, Mars appeared to take a step back from the limelight (there was a five-year wait until his new album), but is he back and better than ever? With the legal drama over (for the most part), how has Mars’s life changed?

Why Was Bruno Mars Sued For “Uptown Funk”?
The hit track, “Uptown Funk”, was released in 2014, and it went on to earn incredible success. According to Rolling Stone, it remained on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks (an impressive feat indeed).

Bruno Mars collaborated on the song with Mark Ronson, and both of them were later named in lawsuits, with eighties group Collage alleging similarities between their song, Young Girls (which was released in 1983). The lawsuit states (via Rolling Stone), “many of the main instrumental attributes and themes of “Uptown Funk” are deliberately and clearly copied from Young Girls.”

They were also accused of copyright infringement by Minder Music on behalf Gap Band for similarities to their song “Oops! Upside Your Head” (although Rolling Stone notes that this claim did not go to court then). NME reports that Lastrada Entertainment also filed a lawsuit against Mark Ronson for alleged infringement of Roger and Zapp’s More Bounce To The Ounce track. This lawsuit was later dropped.
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In 2022, Mars made headlines again for his music with Silk Sonic. This time it was to announce that they were not putting their album forward for 2023 Grammy consideration. It is a surprising move considering they did really well at the 2022 Grammys, with NME noting they won Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance, and Best R&B Song for their track, Leave The Door Open.
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