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Photo: Pete Foster & Adam Deitch | By Emily Ferguson, Westword | For the past six months, the building at 1448 Market Street that was once home to the Dorchester (and the original Purple Martini long before that) looked like just another shuttered club in LoDo. But inside, massive renovations were underway, adding velvety red booths, striking red chandeliers, a stylish bar and Art Deco stylings. The space was being transformed into a 1920s-style jazzy supper club that will finally debut as The Orchid on Friday, April 28.

The venue’s name came easily to co-owner Pete Foster. “I’m kind of a plant nerd; I like to garden a lot. I was thinking about what plant reminded me of this space,” he says. “Because it’s been sitting dormant for so long, it reminded me of an orchid, because orchids sit dormant for a long time. And that gave me inspiration, because this place is about to bloom in a big way.”

And it’ll be a big bloom, with an impressive music lineup. The venue is booked through June, and opening night will include a performance by Brionne Aigné & Dax Oliver before a set from local legend Ramakhandra, whose ethereal harp trickling over synthy sonics will create an atmosphere perfectly suited to this mellow yet upscale venue. From there, the Orchid will showcase talented acts that include Mile High jazz supergroup Convergence (April 29), Denver soul singer Dzirae Gold (May 3), jazz-scene denizen Annie Booth (May 12) and many, many more.
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Emily Ferguson is Westword’s Culture Editor, covering Denver’s flourishing arts and music scene. Before landing this position, she worked as an editor at local and national political publications and held some odd jobs suited to her odd personality, including selling grilled cheese sandwiches at music festivals and performing with fire. Emily also writes on the arts for the Wall Street Journal and is an oil painter in her free time.

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Photo: Pete Foster and Adam Deitch (Courtesy Pete Foster)

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