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Welcome to new members PAUL VASTOLA (of Rocky Mountain Recorders), TWO GIRLS WITH GUITARS, KEVIN SHIPLEY of Music Munch.com and a SUPER BIG THANK YOU the band SLOPESIDE and to ADRIENNE O  for their support and renewal. YOUR help is truly, truly appreciated, Adrienne and Slopeside!

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for joining COMBO, and we look forward to working with and FOR you in the future! We’ve started a new program featuring “coupons” for paid members only. The first coupon gives them a $50 discount off an upcoming event. We’ve been talking to more music businesses and they LOVE the idea so we’ll be sharing their deals with you!

This week we’ll feature the bio of Neal Cross. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more about Paul Vastola of Rocky Mountain Recorders, Slopeside, Adrienne O, and Kevin Shipley of Music Munch and, hopefully, many more of our members!

One of COMBO’s NEW MEMBERS is Neal Cross of the Grand Lake Folk Music Society.

The Grand Lake Folk Music Society met for the first time in the spring of 2013. A call went out in the Grand Lake area for folks who like to play folk music and 10 – 12 people showed up on a Sunday afternoon. We came together with an assortment of musical knowledge and skill and a willingness to share with and help each other learn more. Since that first meeting, we have met every Sunday afternoon for about two hours. In the winter, it seems we will have 8 – 10 regulars and more in the summer.

While we began with a dedication to Folk Music, we have expanded to playing a collection of songs that would probably be categorized as Americana: some Folk, some Country, some Western, some Roots, some classic Pop and the like. If someone in the group likes a particular song (we played and sang Easter Parade recently) she/he brings copies of the lyrics and words and we do our best to give it the GLFMS treatment.

We play acoustic guitars, a 6-string banjo, an electric bass, a classic, electrified acoustic Gibson, a dulcimer, a 5–string banjo, a uke, a flute, and a gut tub. In the summer when we have more players, in addition to more guitars, we often add a stand-up bass and a mandolin. We are on the lookout for a fiddle player.

It was great to find out that we really enjoy playing with each other. We are beginning to know what each other will do in certain circumstances and how our instruments sound together. The weather in Grand Lake can be dicey in the winter, but we have not cancelled often. We meet in snow, ice, wind, or cold. We are a dedicated group.

We meet in different places depending on the time of year. This year we started in a bar and finished in a café. If you would like to play with us, and we invite you to do so, please call 303-587-8476 to find out where we are playing.

Neal Cross: 303-587-8476 or e-mail him at NealCross5@gmail.com

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