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Photo: Grizzly Rose mess | By Alexander Kirk, 9News Denver | A country music venue is closed for at least two days because of a water line break in Denver. The Grizzly Rose announced it will be closed Thursday and Friday [last week] because of a water line break outside the venue.

The venue, located near Interstate 25 and 58th Avenue in north Denver, shared a photo of a muddy mess outside the west entrance of the popular music hall.

The Grizzly Rose said it will not be open for a scheduled concert Friday night from country musician Jack Ingram.
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Colorado Music Venue HQ Could be Closed for Months After Flooding

The music venue is closed for the foreseeable future after a water line break caused major flooding.

By Alexander Kirk, 9News Denver

A Denver music venue is closed and facing months of costly repairs after a water line break flooded its basement.

The South Broadway venue HQ said a water main line break flooded its 3,200-square-foot basement on Aug. 15.

“The water main underneath South Broadway and directly in front of HQ broke and shot high pressure water directly at our basement brick wall,” HQ said in a statement. “The pressure built up caused our basement wall to bow and eventually break open, pushing a ton of dirt, mud, and water into the basement.”

The independent venue said it will be closed, possibly for months, after the flooding filled its basement with 10 to 12 feet of water.

“As you may have seen, a water main line broke on Broadway and flooded our entire 3,200 square foot basement. Right now, it is impossible to calculate what the cost of repairs and replacing what has been destroyed will be,” HQ said on social media. “On top of that, we are closed now, for the foreseeable future, and quite possibly for months and months.”
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HQ said it has business insurance and its landlords have insurance, but it expects no insurance coverage because of the water exception in its policy that removes the insurance provider from liability if the water flooded from outside the building.

HQ has opened an online fundraising campaign to help it rebuild after the flood.
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Photo: Grizzly Rose water main break | From their Facebook page

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