Buyer Beware|

We got another e-mail this past week on a website that promises to get your song “airplay”. For only $XXXX, they will send your song out to 100s of stations. Careful. A) Most terra stations won’t play your song unless you are signed with a name label such as Sony, Warner Bros., or BMG; B) Your song might get played on net shows but you have no way of knowing how many people actually listen to ‘that’ show; and C) You have NO WAY of checking to see if your song actually got played without checking with an individual station. And if you’re going to spend the time doing that, you might as well just call the station and ask them yourself if you can send your song in!

The point is – DO NOT be paying someone a nice, BIG chunk of change up front for allegedly getting airplay for your song. Submit it yourself and follow up in a couple of weeks.

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