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Photo: Ryan Gosling as “Ken” | By Alexandra Garfinkle, Yahoo Finance | What has this got to do with the Music Business? Well, read on for more help with promoting your shows or your songs! | Warner Bros. Discovery CEO (WBD) David Zaslav has a few theories on why the marketing push for the Barbie movie was so successful.

At the Goldman Sachs Communacopia and Tech Conference on Wednesday, Zaslav was quick to first credit “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig, who became the first female director to helm a billion-dollar movie, along with the film’s creative team.

Another reason for the success of Barbie’s marketing campaign, Zaslav said, was the full-court press promoting the movie across all of Warner Bros. Discovery’s properties.

“We were able to do something that I don’t think any other company can do,” Zaslav told the audience. “Every division of this company got behind Barbie.”

According to Zaslav, the force of the company’s other assets getting onboard was what helped catapult “Barbie” into the blockbuster stratosphere.

“Shaq and Charles Barkley, they were talking about ‘Barbie’,” he said. “If you were watching a football match, at halftime, you saw ‘Barbie’. Every asset we had was talking about the strength of ‘Barbie’. We had shows on HGTV, and every cake on the Food Network for a month was ‘Barbie’.”

It also represents one of the key advantages that the company has moving forward. Expect more “Barbie”-style all-hands-on-deck moments for other franchises at Warner Bros. Discovery.
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The “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” box office hits this summer, known as “Barbenheimer,” “benefited from both (1) both films being very high-quality and (2) the viral Barbenheimer meme driving audience interest in a way that we have never seen before,” TD Cowen’s Doug Creutz wrote in a note on Tuesday. “Such a combination is unlikely to happen again.”
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Photo: Ryan Gosling as Ken

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