Hi, All! Due to concerns over Covid, we had to postpone the benefit for th Boulder Wildfire Fund. As the needs of the those affected change, we may reevaluate the scope of any event we may have in the future. To that end, if you, or someone you know, lost a home or was otherwise affected by the wildfire, we might be able to do a more focused kind of fundraiser to help those in our blues community.

On a lighter note, we will be sponsoring a new blues jam at Antero Hall in Lakewood starting on Feb 7th. The jam will be the first and third Monday of every month, from 7-10 pm. We may rotate hosting bands but that has yet to be set in concrete. 50 Shades of Blue will be hosting on Feb. 7th and Reckless and Blue will host on Feb. 21st. A full backline will be provided.

We may consider an acoustic jam that would occur simultaneously in an adjacent room but, for now, we will only be doing an electric jam.

Hope to see you there!

Jim Seely


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