Photo: Dee Snider | By Liz Scarlett, Louder / Yahoo | Dee Snider has slammed America’s attempt to ban drag performances, declaring via Twitter that the “stupidity” of it all is making him want to start wearing makeup again in protest.

During his tenure as Twisted Sister’s glamorous frontman in the 80’s, Snider would sport eccentric and overtly feminine looks with makeup and clothing, reminiscent of drag artists.

In recent months however, the US has tried to make drag illegal by launching a new legislation, signed in over 30 states, that will make “obscene performances of male or female performers who adopt flamboyant or parodic feminine personas with glamorous makeup and exaggerated costumes” an offence.

The mandate has understandably been faced with backlash, with critics arguing that it obstructs the right to personal expression and freedom, which will lead to further ostracization of minority groups who do not conform to traditional gender binaries. In addition, it will destroy the livelihoods of countless drag performers across the nation, on the questionable and unfair bias that such behaviors are supposedly not appropriate to be witnessed by children.

In a series of tweets in response to one fan’s reference of the aforementioned amendment of Montana’s House Bill 359, who adds that the law could “ban glam rock, wrestling [and] Dolly Parton”, the frontman shares his view on the situation, revealing his desire to start wearing makeup again.

“You know, I haven’t worn the Twisted Sister makeup in many years,” Snider says. “But now I’m tempted to put it back on!”
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