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Emmy Link, of Longmont, likes to perform as Sneaki Bandit. She is a singer/songwriter who loves Folk and Punk and frequently duets with Connor Weisburg! Emmy writes: In pursuit of raw and unbridled storytelling, Sneaki Bandit navigates sonic and visual landscapes with an aesthetic anarchist spirit — rebelling against convention by weaving poetry, twang, and angst with collage work and handmade garments.

Check Emmy out at https://www.facebook.com/scavengeance

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Mark Ham hails from Arvada. Mark has been performing and songwriting for years with his music covering multiple genres of Acoustic, Country, Americana, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and Pop. He prides himself on playing variations of music styles and creating close-knit harmonies. Mark adds rhythm guitar, harmonica and occasional piano riffs to songs bringing out energy and expression.

Check out Mark’s latest album release “Casper” at http://markhenryham.com/index-casper.html

Mark performs as a solo artist or with the Acoustic Duo/Band “On The Flip Side” at http://ontheflipside.website/

Photo: Mark Ham (from his website)

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