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We received press on our newest member Riley Max from Lone Tree and her musical career! Her music video for “Yellow” was recently released — the song was actually recorded live in one take of Riley singing and playing guitar. This is Riley Max’s follow-up video after the incredible success of her first music video Blue and the album ROY G BIV — Blue has exploded on playlists and has over 53,000 views on YouTube and Riley’s debut release has received over 40 glowing reviews. ROY G BIV is even a candidate for the Grammys this year.

“Yellow is the ideal companion to Blue. A dreamy window into the relationship between two siblings. Gorgeous wide open landscapes and seascapes match the well-crafted space in the musical arrangement. I love how these brilliant sisters aligned the visual and musical vibes, beautifully and strongly communicated.” ~ Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Lori Henriques

The new Yellow video was conceived as an impressionistic color sequel to Blue. It’s a collaboration between sister artists — songwriter and performer Riley Max and her big sister Sidney Grace, a documentary filmmaker and composer who spent the summer studying under the Director of Photography of Blue Planet. Sidney also directed and edited the Making Of ROY G BIV video on Riley’s website.

Riley’s excited to hear music critics and fans clamoring for videos of Violet and Red, and we will get to them on breaks from her work pursuing a dual degree Bachelors in Music from Harvard and Masters in Music Production from Berklee. Riley has big production ideas for the Violet and Red videos and will make them when she has time to do it right! Stay tuned for that…

Riley and Sidney are Colorado young women making an impact on the world and trying to make our state proud!



COMBO wishes Riley (and Sidney) the same good luck that some of our other “Sister Acts” have achieved like Caitlin & Sydney Powell and Brooke & Britta Dodgen, known as The Red Heads. Both have done quite well in their careers!

Photo: Riley Max | from her website

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