Join Marnie Ward (Denver) and Mika Kane (O’ahu Hawai’i) for an immersive evening into Hawaiian music! Combining our unique backgrounds and perspectives, we’ll start off the night with a hands on workshop run jointly by Marnie and Mika.

Taking an in-depth look at a popular Hawaiian song, Marnie will guide you through strumming pattern(s) with basic chords, lyric pronunciation, as well as accessible vocal techniques for singing; Mika will deep dive into chord variations and popular picking licks that compliment the song and are transferable to other pieces of work.

Due to the smaller nature of this workshop (only 20 spots!), there will be opportunities for individual feedback!

Following the workshop, you will be treated to an intimate concert from Mika playing an instrumental set of various Hawaiian songs popular to Hawai’i. The night will conclude with Marnie and Mika coming together to perform a few collaborative tunes.

Don’t miss this intimate and immersive opportunity to broaden your Hawaiian music repertoire.

Hawaiian Music Workshop and Concert
Tuesday April 9th
Location: The Savoy, 2700 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205


~ Marnie

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