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MainStage Brewing wall

A wall at MainStage Brewing Company (from their website)

Hi! I’m Eric. I am one of the owners of MainStage Brewing Company in Lyons. I am starting to gear up our music booking now that we are open and would love to open the floodgates to anyone who wants to throw music ideas our way. Please email booking@mainstagebrewing.com

We get loads of emails, and running our business is already more than full-time so I definitely don’t respond to every booking email, but I do listen to every single incoming idea. We are open to booking just about anything but as a downtown outdoor spot we are sensitive to the impact to our neighbors and local residents, so some of the louder or less family friendly genres are a little trickier (but there is a time and place for everything).

All gigs are paid, all gigs have full sound provided. Pay depends on our budget, night of the week and a million other things.

Stoked we are getting back to live music, real crowds, and some of that great, beer drinking, weather.

Eric Kean
Located in Lyons, CO MainStage Brewing was founded in 2020 by Sam Scruby and Eric Kean.

MainStage Brewing is about beer….seems kinda obvious, but for us it’s more than that. For thousands of years humankind has come together to bend elbows and enjoy each other’s company. The power of a couple of pints among good friends is unparalleled. Here in a great town with wonderful weather and one of the best music communities in the world the opportunities to gather are endless. MainStage is all about putting experience first, whether it’s seeing friends for the first time in a while, catching a killer local band, or just feeling the sun on your face with cold beer in your hand.

Don’t mistake us though, we are serious about beer. The beauty of perfection is what drives us. Whether it is a classic American Lager or IPA, or a wicked barrel-aged foreign stout, our goal is to put a perfect product in the glass at the perfect moment in the perfect place. Perfection to us is quality, service, atmosphere, and community. It’s making sure that moment is as perfect as that beer.

Who are we? We are Sam and Eric.

Sam originally hails from Glenwood Springs, CO and has resided in the Boulder area since 2006, when he came down the mountain to attend CU-Boulder. Sam spent the last 10+ years working at Upslope Brewing. A disc-golfer, hockey and football fan, husband and dog-dad, Sam is the resident expert of all things brewing and liquid and co-founder of MainStage Brewing.

Eric hails from Lyons, CO, where he attended 1st through 12th grade before heading off to Boulder to attend CU (where he met Sam). During high school Eric started working at Planet Bluegrass and continued to work in the music and non-profit sectors before entering the beer industry at Left Hand Brewing where he served as the Executive Director of the Left Hand Brewing Foundation. An avid golfer, football fan, and beer nut, Eric nerds out on all things music, community, and beer and is the co-founder of MainStage Brewing.


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