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Laurie Dameron writes: HAPPY SPRING!!! Oh isn’t spring time so lovely! I especially love sharing my spring setlist with the seniors including “Tip Toe Thru the Tulips”! And “April Showers” (bring May flowers!) With the colorful flowers and budding green plants, leaves and grass I’ve been feeling a profound amazement of life! On my hike the other day I enjoyed the sights, smells (apple and cherry blossoms) and sounds of rushing stream and hummingbirds.

And when I witnessed the partial eclipse I was pondering the sun being 93 million miles away. And the moon is 238,900 miles and they look almost the exact same size in the eclipse. I mean just think about it! We can see something that’s millions of miles away and feel it’s heat!!! And our position and placement in our solar system is PERFECT to have life thrive on our planet!

I cherish the times when I feel this amazement and have so much gratitude!

But I don’t always feel that way.

I had a HUGE meltdown a month ago or so. Too long a story but the short tale is I was beating myself up about no longer being the head of environment for Business and Professional Women and resigning as a member (since 2007 as I want to focus on music.)

I have been shamed for self-promotion and know I’m not the only one. The big artists have managers to do promotion. We “little guys” don’t have the money for that. So yeah – we self- promote. We need to get folks out to our gigs else we don’t get to play anywhere! We also love when we get to play music for a listening audience!

I started feeling like I’m selfish and self-centered that I’m not helping the planet or anyone anymore and what a bad person I am for focusing on me, me, me and my music! My friends were like “What’s wrong for following your dream?” Yeah, what is wrong with that? Playing music and sharing it has been with me since early childhood.

The very day of the melt down I had a gig that evening and within 30 seconds, when I began playing, there was this couple that was totally engaged and having a great time and I was like, “Oh ya! This is why I do this!!!” Making folks happy with my music!

Last month when I was playing at Dagabi restaurant in N Boulder, a woman came up between songs and asked if she could talk to me. I said, “Of course!!!” She told me that 5 years ago or so I had shared music several times at a senior facility in Denver where her mother was residing. (pre-COVID entertaining seniors was my day job for 30 years) She said there were no words to describe how much she and her mother appreciated the music! This made my heart soar!

So often I think we take music for granted and we all don’t realize how much music impacts us. If you’re down and driving your car and a certain song comes on and it immediately lifts your spirits! Or your working out at the gym with music playing and it makes your workout much more enjoyable! Or you put on a favorite tune that helps you grieve or gets you motivated!

Again – I am happiest when making others happy with my music!

I need to use the mantra “I am enough, I do enough”! Probably we all need that!

Don’t forget to scroll down to see my featured song of the month! I wrote it in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day!

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The Homestead was in Longmont and dear Betty (client) and I led the Kitchen Band! We had SOOO much fun with kazoos, washboards, tambourines and other percussion instruments!

Then we would go to other facilities and schools to put on concerts!

Oh my! Those were the days!


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