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ABC News Videos | This is a video article. Turn up your sound. ABC News’ Steve Osunsami sat down with CeCe Peniston who along with artists Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and others say the music industry needs to pay artists a larger share of streaming profits. (11:40 time to watch)

Ben M:.
Record labels are always painted as the big baddie, which they can be. But people don’t always realize how much money they used to dump into new artists, many of whom never took off. A good pop song, even just a track on the album which didn’t get promoted, can cost $50,000 or more to produce. The reason so much mainstream music is awful now is because the labels don’t want to invest in the full production anymore, because an artist might blow up for a hot minute on socials yet no one is actually buying the album. The point is, yes they screw artists over but the industry as a whole has been screwed over.

Simon Heywood:
The business world is full of Sharks and it will unfortunately continue. If the opportunity presents itself to be preyed upon. That’s why self education b4 entering the arena is critical to avoid being the next victim. Knowing the business from both sides is integral.

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