Photo: Carin Mari | Three Songwriters Rounds were held in Grand Junction (Mack, CO actually) on Thursday, June 23rd thru Saturday, June 25th at The Country Jam presented by Live Nation and Neste Live. Head liners were Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and Tim McGraw. Each of the rounds showcased two local musicians and two from Nashville… and our local people held their own!

On Thursday, Coloradoans Rich Owen (COMBO member, state winner of the Country Showdown and currently with the band Mosquito Pass) and Jeneve Rose Mitchell (Top 20 contestant on American Idol) gave a back-story on their songs and then played and sang them! Because everyone stuck to their 5 minute limit, each performer got to play 3 songs! Ironically, the crowd was small but just before the songwriters started playing, a giant hail-storm hit and the outside crowd flooded into the “Country Club” tent provided by 92.3 Radio Station “The Moose”. They all stayed and really enjoyed the “show.”

On Friday, locals Jason Abbott (formerly of the well-known Denver band Swerve) and Tim Champlin (from Masonville, CO, and of the band Interstate Cowboy) wowed the crowd! Many of Thursday’s attendees came to watch the Songwriters Round again which was a testament to how good the songwriters were!

Then on Saturday, Jackson Emmer (actually makes his living playing music) and Carin Mari (from Grand Junction and previous Regional winner of the Country Showdown) played alongside the two acts from Nashville and the now hooked audience applauded them all whole heartedly!

Many good comments were passed along to the radio station people as well as to the Live Nation and Neste representatives at the show. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again next year! Also in attendance were several people from near-by venues who got contact info from each of the performers.

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