By Mary Papenfuss, HuffPost | [This is a follow up to a legal issue important to ALL songwriters.] Former President Donald Trump lost his bid this week to jettison a lawsuit that accuses him of copyright infringement for helping himself to music for a campaign video mocking Joe Biden.

The suit was filed by musician Eddy Grant last year over his popular tune “Electric Avenue.” Trump used the music as background in an odd video posted to Twitter featuring an animated version of Biden driving an old-fashioned railway handcar.

Twitter removed the video a year ago after Grant complained. He had his attorneys issue a cease-and-desist order, and then sued Trump.

“Electric Avenue” was written in 1983 by Grant, a Guyanese-British singer, about the 1981 Brixton race riots.

“They have sought to encapsulate my intellectual property into derogatory political rhetoric, further encapsulated in a video production that can only be construed at best as being wicked, thereby causing me considerable emotional distress,” Grant said last year.

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Eddy Grant Electric Avenue

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