The MLC completed its sixth monthly royalty distribution on schedule on Monday, September 13, distributing more than $32 million in mechanical royalties to our Members. This was the third consecutive month that our total royalties distributed exceeded $30 million!

Primarily covering usage by DSPs during June 2021, the total of all royalty pools reported by DSPs to The MLC for this cycle was just under $54 million. We were able to match over 83 percent of that amount to the songs registered in our database. After deducting the activity covered by voluntary licenses between our Members and DSPs, we collected $47.3 million in royalties, and distributed roughly $32.7 million to our Members. The remaining royalties still pending distribution break down as follows:

● $9 million in royalties for uses we have not been able to match to registered works;
● $5.1 million in royalties for shares of matched works that have not yet been registered (or claimed) by our Members; and
● $291k in matched royalties that are on legal hold.

With six royalty distributions now in the books, the value of the royalty pools The MLC has processed (when calculated at the statutory rate) totals more than $300 million.

The MLC presented a new webinar called “Metadata and Money: What You Need to Know” on September 7 that covered the basics of metadata, the various sources of revenue for musicians in the streaming and download landscape, and tips for managing metadata that Members of The MLC can follow to make sure they receive all of their mechanical royalties. This webinar was created based on the suggestions we received from those of you who participated in our Members-only ThoughtExchange earlier this Summer.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to creating other new webinars that address topics that you suggest. If you were unable to join us on September 7, click hereto watch “Metadata and Money: What You Need to Know”.

The MLC Presents: Understanding Your Royalty Statements
Tuesday, October 19
9 a.m. PT | 11 a.m. CT | 12 p.m. ET

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[Our thanks to Ann Blonston, http://www.airshowmastering.com for contributing this article.]

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