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New Feature – Lyrics of the Week. We’ll be posting lyrics from long-time favorite songs for you to go over to see how you might improve your songwriting abilities. We’ll also be accepting suggestions for YOUR favorite song lyrics and why they mean something to you. AND we’ll be posting a word for you to write a line or two around. Just for the heck of it!

So this week’s featured Lyrics are from Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “Taking Care of Business” (after all, this is a Music Business organization!) My favorite lines are, “You get up in the morning to the alarm clock’s warning…” Hits all of us RIGHT HERE!!!

And the word to write a song lyric around is “Expense”. Send your line(s) to President @ Colorado Music .org and we’ll publish them next week! (We have to have your lines by Wed. evenings 8:00 p.m.)

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We want to congratulate the 19 songwriters who were chosen by a panel of 5 judges. Each song was rated on a scoring system of 1-5 with 1 being low and 5 being high. Judges were also told they could break the point value down by quarter percentages if they wanted to do so. In other words, if they felt the song rated better than a “4″ but was not quite *perfect*, they could give it a 4.5.

We put the top 19 songs overall on a CD and local replicator CODA, Inc., has made copies for us, as we promised, to pass out to the music pros at the Durango Songwriters Expo. This year, CDs (along with lyric sheets) were passed out to Big Al Anderson (Big Yellow Dog Music); Garvan Media, Management and Marketing; Doug Garvey (CO State Fair Songwriters Night), and more. We also mailed copies to Ash Street Publishing, Vapor Music Group (Music Supervision and Licensing). We’ll list more as we distribute the CDs.

We will also be hosting the songwriters at a special Songwriters Night at Herman’s Hideaway on November 7th. The Top 10 Songwriters will be performing their winning songs so we need YOU to come and support them.

Our thoughts on this are so that our other members can meet the winners (“Put a face to the name”), and so that you can all meet each other! Perhaps a co-writing partnership will happen. We know of such a co-writing that happened before (and their song was a winner in the past!) Who knows? That’s what COMBO is all about – networking with the musicians and services who need each other to make a career happen.

Here’s the list of those songs that are on the CD, not by rating but it just happened that way! However, FYI –  The high scoring songs were Smokin’ and Here Come The Jones (tied for first).

Track |    Title | Writer(s)

01.    Kiss of Death: Rich Owen
02.    Come Over: Joel Ashmore
03.    Wishes or Weeds: Caitlin Powell
04.    Bounce: Rachel Alena/Alec Sims/Kyle Comerford/Vince Carmellini
05.    Gypsy Jewel: Jeffrey Dallet
06.    Dissection: Sidney Powell
07.    The Perfect Remedy: Richie Allen Buchborn
08.    Jamaica No Problem: Davey Schoolcraft
09.    My House is Not a Home: John Bunzli
10.    So Well: Richie Allen Buchborn
11.    Fourth of July: Steve Law
12.    Smokin’: Nicole Unser/Tyler Jordan
13.    Here Comes the Jones: Davey Schoolcraft
14.    Blessings: Marni Green
15.    Funk it Up: Harold Rapp, III
16.    Silent Words: Amy Humphreys Kress
17.    The One: Michael Aldridge
18.    When You Turn Around: Robby Roberts
19.    Sunlight in a Snowstorm: Laurie Dameron

We want to thank all of you who entered and hope that the judges’ comments help you with you future songwriting endeavors.

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