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Hot off the press!!! Guys, I’d love to tag everyone in this! Let’s pass this around and keep adding names to it, ok? Jim Attebery, Jack Hayford, William Attebery, Chuck Cannon, Alan Anderson, Adam Zelkind, Anthony Smith, Jeff Silbar, Chris Gelbuda, Warren Sellers, Richard Harris, Andy Ard, Andy Sydow, Sheri Pedigo, Rachel Pearl, Athena Marie, Jon Arckey, Chi McClean, Vince West, Susan Marie Reeves, Katie Smith, Katey Larson, Samuel Lee Pritchett, Nitanee Paris, Jamey Cecille . . .

Durango Songwriters Expo 2016 – “Hey Brother” Fan Video

Fan video of “Hey Brother” by Avicii, featuring activity from The Durango Songwriters Expo in Santa Barbara 2016. Going back to her roots, Meghan Trainor makes a surprise appearance and delights her Durango family with a mini-concert!!

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Hear ye, hear ye: The Colorado Music Business Organization announces its Fourth Annual  Songwriting Contest! Members who are currently up on their dues may submit one song at no charge. The contest starts May 1st and will end on Friday, August 19th, 2016.

COMBO will put the top scoring songs on a compilation CD and hand deliver to publishers, music supervisors, and others, that have agreed to accept them, along with a cover letter telling a little about COMBO and about each of the songs.

Failure to obey the following will disqualify your song: No “bad” words! If you wrote your song with a “must have” naughty word, please mute the word on the mp3 track and write (bleep!) on the lyric sheet (i.e. we will only accept songs for the contest that are “Radio Friendly”), etc.

Instrumentals are welcomed as many of the aforementioned entities are seeking music only songs.

More info to come!

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