Jim Chapman on Facebook, 12/10/21: Hello everyone! It is once again that time to give some loving help in what I’ve come to call Savanna’s Gift. As most of you know, after losing my beautiful daughter Savanna in 2016, the one thing that has kept me going (and keeps my head on straight) is the underlying belief that good must come from bad. To this end, you all have been nothing short of amazing with your donations to Savanna’s Gift in previous years.

This year we want to try something a bit different. We would like to run Savanna’s Gift for two Christmases (both 2021 and 2022) with an additional purpose; to help an amazing man, Ed Garza, and his son Sammy. Most of you are probably familiar with Ed and Sammy’s story. For those of you who are not:

Ed’s son Sammy was born in 2009 and was diagnosed in 2012 with a rare genetic disorder. Sammy has autism, epilepsy, is nonverbal, and has a development disorder as well. Ed fought hard and educated himself regarding how to acquire the rights to be Sammy’s full-time caregiver – he refused to give up on his beautiful son. And, if things weren’t already hard enough, in 2016 Ed became a single father.

Ed has worked very hard to stay employed and make ends meet as a freelance drummer for many local Colorado bands, including 4 Higher, Cupid’s Dead, The Switch, Firewater, Michael Morrow and the Culprits, The Grind 5280, Five 13, Live To Tell, and Skool Daze – just to name a few. However as time goes on it is getting more and more challenging for Ed to raise Sammy in a small apartment with limited space. Now that Sammy is becoming a teenager, it is time for Ed to try to come up with a better, more permanent solution.

It would be fantastic to spend from now until New Year’s Day of 2023 giving what we can to help Ed and Sammy come up with a down payment to put towards a small house. Providing more room for Sammy is truly necessary, and a backyard for him enjoy some private outdoor time. You know….growing space.

Honestly, I have to say that anytime I get down and feel that life is hard, thinking of Ed and Sammy really puts things into perspective and helps to snap me out of it. Please donate generously to Savanna’s Gift this year and next, with thoughts of Ed and Sammy at the forefront of your mind. Here is the link for donations. Thank you, and God Bless!



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