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Photo: Kelsey Lartius Miguel | I’d love to share my thoughts on this! I started offering booking to Denver and CO-based artists about a year ago, and I’ve resorted to charging a flat rate per month for a certain volume of outreach. It is not perfect. But there is an overwhelming amount of demand to where I’m having to turn down potential clients. I even have clients out of state. The way I operate is not for everyone, but I do believe it is providing a great value to my clients in simply offloading the amount of work it takes. It’s not really sustainable to do booking alone at these rates, but providing other artist services that I can offer at higher rates allows me to continue. It’s a work in progress.

Bottom line: local/regional artist pay needs to increase but it would take all musicians, artists, and bands (and the few agents in this segment) to enforce a minimum for that to realistically change. Or some sort of regulation (which would be pretty unlikely I believe). Everyone has to realize the power collectively and then act on it in full force.

I’ve recently been learning a bit about UMAW – seems to me like a potentially more viable organizing alternative to the musicians union in achieving feats such as this!

Thanks! 🙂

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Photo: Kelsey Lartius Miguel | From her website

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