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Photo: The Tank | On June 17, 2021, at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, renowned cellist Jeffrey Zeigler led three other virtuosic players in an adagio movement, the fugue from Beethoven’s String Quartet Number 14 in C-sharp minor, Opus 131. As they played, they heard the sound of their performance resonating in the profound reverb of The TANK, in which sonic impulses may sustain for up to 40 seconds.

To allow each of the lush, Ludwiggy chords to ring out and fade in The TANK, the quartet had to slow the work radically, so that this short movement, some seven minutes long in the original tempo, took more than 45 minutes for them to play. The result is otherworldly, part Beethoven and part something entirely new.

Meditative, calm, emotional, this music can return you to yourself.

Slow Beethoven is the first album on The TANK’s new Round Sound record label. It will receive a nationwide release on April 28, 2023. Vinyl version on the way!

Listen to a four-minute mix and pre-order the album here:

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts
James Paul (He/Him/His)
Executive Director

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts is an unusual arts venue, organized around a tank, literally, an empty seven-story water tank in Rangely, Colorado, discovered in the 1970’s to possess extraordinary acoustic resonance, a reverberation as long and rich as any in the world. At this point, The Tank is a fully-equipped recording venue and concert site, as well as a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization, founded in 2013. The place has become a haven for the local music community and a unique destination for artists, sonic explorers, and curious visitors who learn to listen in a whole new way.

The Tank is on Ute land.

Photo: The Tank

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