Almost six months after his death, radio icon Casey Kasem has been laid to rest. A rep for the legend’s daughter Kerri Kasem confirmed to ABC News that he was buried by his wife Jean in Norway last week without consulting his children.

“Jean buried him without telling the kids,” Kerri Kasem’s rep Danny Deraney told ABC. “She does not have to tell them since she is the conservator over his remains.”

Kasem, who was married twice and has four children, died at the age of 82 on June 15. He wed Jean, 60, in 1980.

In recent years, the radio personality’s health declined and in 2013, his daughter Kerri said he was suffering from a form of dementia.

Kerri and the other children were not happy their father was buried outside of Glendale, California, where Kerri had said in late June on “The View” was were he requested his remains be.

“Clearly the family is not happy, but they are also at peace knowing that they got to spend his final moments with him,” the rep added.

Jean Kasem has not responded to request for comment to ABC, but in the weeks leading up to Casey’s death, she and his children, including Kerri, had been embroiled in a legal battle over his health care.

Finally, in early June, a judge ruled that Kerri would take over care for Casey, “who clearly expressed his desire to die very peacefully and comfortably in this matter,” said Kerri’s attorney Troy Martin on June 11. He died days later.

By Michael Rothman and Jason Nathanson |  Good Morning America


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