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Welcome to new member SHARON GLASSMAN. Your help is truly, truly appreciated, Sharon. BTW, Sharon’s song Blame It On Hoboken was one of the winners of COMBO’s Songwriting Contest in 2013.

We look forward to working with and FOR you in the future! We’ve started a new program featuring “coupons” for paid members only. Our next coupon gives a 10% discount on a much needed service. We’ve been talking to more music businesses and they LOVE the idea so we’ll be sharing their deals with you!

This week we’ll feature Sharon’s bio. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more about our new and renewing members.

Sharon Glassman / Sharon Glassman Live: Sharon is a nationally-presented stage storyteller, author and songwriter. She reads and sings from her witty, warmhearted novel-with-songs, Blame It On Hoboken in a traveling show called, Blame It On Hoboken, Live! Blame It On Hoboken’s songs, produced by Eric Thorin with Denver-area musicians, are airing on radio and available for purchase.

Sharon also fiddles, sings and strums in a Sinatra/Pink Floyd duo Frankie & Floyd and The Jamesons. She hosts podcasts, panels and radio segments on ways to run your band like a small business. Sharon, a songwriter, says her music style is “Witty, jazzy folk-country – Think Peggy Lee meets Tom T. Hall”!


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