Photo: Indiana University Orchestra | Article By Marcela Creps, James Boyd, Steve Hinnefeld and Anne Kibbler, The Herald Times | Indiana University and its Jacobs School of Music are grieving this weekend over the loss of five graduate students who died in a plane crash near the Monroe County Airport. Authorities identified the five students as Robert Clayton Samels, Zachary J. Novak, Garth A. Eppley, Georgina H. Joshi and Chris Bates Carducci.

IU master’s student Joshi, 24, of South Bend, was listed as the pilot of the single-engine Cessna 206 that crashed Thursday night near the Monroe County Airport after a flight from Lafayette.

Federal investigators said a final ruling on the cause of the accident could take up to a year, but a preliminary report should take about a week.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Ed Malinowski said a team from his department and the Federal Aviation Administration would focus on three things.

“We’re going to be looking at the plane, the pilot and the weather,” Malinowski said.

The students were returning from a rehearsal for a concert in Lafayette. “It’s a tragic loss for the university family,” IU President Adam Herbert said at a news conference at the Van Buren Township Fire Department.”
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Until it disappeared from the radar screens of both Terre Haute and Indianapolis air authorities, everything had been routine, but Malinowski said he and Federal Aviation Administration officials had yet to review any communication recorded between the plane and air traffic control towers.

A massive search for the plane began with several calls from the 5200 block of West Ind. 45 reporting a low-flying plane at about 11:40 p.m.

Callers described “the spit and sputtering of an airplane,” and the sound of “extreme acceleration unusual for a plane coming in for a landing,” Ellettsville Deputy Fire Chief Mike Cornman said. Some reported hearing a loud boom.”
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