Paul Noel Fiorino is on the ballot for the third time. Fiorino was the first person in history to access the ballot by petition. He has labored through the summer with many other petitioners asking them for their signatures to be one of the sufficient unaffiliated candidates. Fiorino’s first attempt came back with 380 signatures rejected, out of1,236 collected, leaving 856 – 144 short of the 1,000 needed. One-third of the signatures Paul Noel Fiorino collected himself were not found on the Secretary of State registry.

He hit the streets returning with 50% over and still nearly a quarter NOT FOUND.  Paul is very concerned that the apathy of politics has tainted the voter base of Coloradoans thinking they are registered. As of July 1st, “Unaffiliated” are the largest amount of registered voters in Colorado
(993,652), followed by “Republicans” (965,859), “Democrats” (915,478), “Libertarians” (23,276), “Green” (7,870), and the “American Constitution Party” (6,885). The ACF lost to Fiorino in 2006 –  4 out of 6.

Unaffiliated voters over the past elections usually have a major impact, and the same will probably be true this November 4th.

Paul Noel Fiorino will be placed last on the gubernatorial list of candidates, two whom Fiorino has challenged before. Paul has chosen Charles George Whitley, retired military, arts advocate and publisher of Artscape, as his Lieutenant Governor for their common values and interests in the Arts.

The Ballot was certified on September 8th.

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In the wake of Hurricane Odile’s destruction to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Sammy Hagar, the Hall of Fame rocker and founder of the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina, has made the difficult decision to cancel his annual Birthday Bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “This year marks our 24th anniversary so nothing short of a massive hurricane could have kept me from Cabo,” Hagar said. “But after seeing the damage that Odile’s caused to Los Cabos’ airport, resorts and town, it’s with an incredibly heavy heart that we’ve come to that decision. Our prayers and best wishes are with our Cabo Wabo family and everyone that’s been affected by this storm. Los Cabos will recover better and stronger than before because of its incredibly strong community.”

Sammy is currently looking for another big enough place to have his birthday party and we’ll keep you posted.  Cabo Birthday Bash ticket holders will be able to receive a full refund OR, if/ when a new location is secured, they can instead transfer them to use at the new concert if they can attend.

Fans are encourage to visit Sammy Hagar’s website for updated information on the Birthday Bash and ticket refunds.

We are working as quickly as possible with our ticketing partner and will be soon contacting  everyone who had purchased tickets with details about the Birthday Bash and refunds.

* * * * *


COMBO’s Board of Directors is looking for new members.  The board is currently Barb Dye, President; Andy Ard, Vice-President; Mark King, Secretary; and David Barber, Treasurer. Mark and David also serve as co-webmasters. Also serving are Annette Cannon, Ombudsman; Doug Garvey (Pueblo Songwriters); Johnnie Johnson (of Innervision); and Bradlee Marick (Mulinjer, Inc.) Serving as advisors and legal counselors are Todd Myers, Esq., and Steve Replin, Esq.

Our board meets once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month, via telephone conference so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home!

We plan around 6 general meetings a year, and participate in other community activities such as the Guitar Expo, the CHUN – UMX auditions, and the Riot Fest. We run workshops and seminars with some of the best teacher-musicians in Colorado. We also have just plain old fun times like our Grammy Party held at the SIE Film Center in Denver! The goal of COMBO is to help musicians with the business of music. Other groups focus on promoting a certain genre of music but all musicians need to have help with their business. To the best of our knowledge, COMBO is the only not-for-profit organization of its kind in the world!

Since COMBO is a non-profit, there is no pay for your service but you’ll sure make some great friends in Colorado’s music scene. And you don’t have to live in the Denver area – one of our current Board members is Doug Garvey who lives in Pueblo. Doug has lead the Pueblo Songwriters Group, and is currently active in three different bands as well as managing a couple. . . which means he’s seen how badly musicians need to learn more about the business of music!

If you are interested in serving on the COMBO board, please call 720-570-2280 and leave a message with why you would like to serve, and some qualifications. Or send an e-mail to

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After seven years as Executive Director and CEO of Swallow Hill Music, Tom Scharf says farewell. Tom is synonymous with Swallow Hill Music. After seven years as the Executive Director and CEO of Swallow Hill Music, he is stepping down on September 30.

Under the direction of Tom Scharf, Swallow Hill Music has seen tremendous growth and prosperity. In seven years, Swallow Hill Music grew its top-line revenues from $1.2 million to $4.9 million, more than doubled its patronage, built key strategic partnerships, and dramatically increased its local and national profile.

An Excerpt from Tom Scharf’s Letter of Resignation

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve the organization in this leadership role. The past 7 years has been remarkable for change, growth, personal and professional development, and many magic musical moments.  I thank you sincerely for your support and patience with me through this journey.

Many of my successes are built on the shoulders of others and I thank all those who have worked on behalf of the organization throughout our 35 years.  I have been holding a torch, lit by others – and pass it to along to those who will protect it, and make it shine brighter. I will continue to hold Swallow Hill Music, and its people, in the highest regard – and will continue to sing its praises and support its efforts to the best of my abilities.”

Tom plans to remain in Denver and will continue to be an active supporter of Swallow Hill Music. He’s excited for the organization to celebrate its 35th Anniversary in October, and looks forward to the next 35 years.

A national search for Swallow Hill Music’s next CEO is currently underway. In the meantime, Gwen Burak, Director of Marketing for Swallow Hill Music, steps up as Acting CEO until the position has been filled. Questions about the search process can be directed to

The Swallow Hill Music Community thanks Tom Scharf for his many years of service, direction, laughter, love and music. We’ll miss you!

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