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Photo: Scott Hamilton | By Tricia Despres, Yahoo | The skater and wife Tracie “downsized in a big way” ahead of his annual Scott Hamilton & Friends Ice Show in Nashville on Nov. 19. Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton had a feeling someone would notice that he was selling nearly everything in his Nashville-area home.

“As soon as we announced the estate sale, TMZ reached out,” says Hamilton, 65, during an interview with PEOPLE. “I think they wanted to know if I was going bankrupt!” He laughs. “And then all these other people in the skating community reached out because they thought maybe I was sick again.”

But everyone was stone cold wrong.

“It was just time to let all that stuff go,” explains Hamilton, who just moved into his and his wife Tracie’s sixth different home since getting married in 2002. “We downsized in a big way because it’s that time. We sold everything. Ninety-five percent of everything we owned, we sold.”

And in letting go of his 11,000 square feet, five bedrooms, and 7.5 bath home, the figure skating icon says he lost so much more. “I felt like a New York City building was lifted off my shoulders,” he admits.

Hamilton now finds himself making a home in his new place in “a little town on the outskirts of Nashville.” “We have a little bit of land and a smaller house and we’re just loving life,” says Hamilton, whose previous home is still on the market. “Time marches on.”
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