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By Catie Cheshire, Westword | The city’s never-ending Number Thirty Eight saga — which has seen a handful of neighbors criticize the indoor-outdoor venue in RiNo, which just won Westword’s Best Free Entertainment award — appears to have finally hit a crescendo, with ideas for a permanent solution brought forth at an April 11 hearing.

“We’re doing our best here, and we want to see a reasonable solution between us and Number Thirty Eight,” said Daniel Ritchie at the Department of Excise & Licenses hearing, where he spoke on behalf of the residents who live by the popular venue.

“But our circumstances are unique,” he continued. “We have bedrooms which are closer to the stage than the audience numbers are. That is not true for any other residence or business in this area. … We’re looking forward to not having this be a problem, but I do want to clarify that it needs to be clear and unambiguous.”

Some neighbors living by Number Thirty Eight, which opened in 2020 at 3560 Chestnut and won the Best New Venue award a few months later, have complained from the start that music can be heard late at night, and sometimes even shakes their homes.

At the latest hearing, both sides of the sound war presented testimony arguing for changes to Number Thirty Eight’s cabaret license in hopes of finding a middle ground between what the business needs to operate and what neighbors need to be comfortable in their homes — and they finally appear to be on the same page.

Macon Cowles, the Denver hearing officer who oversaw the proceedings, is expected to issue a recommendation in the coming week.
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Catie Cheshire is a staff writer at Westword. After getting her undergraduate degree at Regis University, she went to Arizona State University for a master’s degree. She missed everything about Denver — from the less-intense sun to the food, the scenery and even the bus system. Now she’s reunited with Denver and writing news for Westword.

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