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NIVA had an amazing 2021 and accomplished many significant highlights including the following:
● NIVA Care – a one-of-a-kind health insurance program that allows NIVA members to provide healthcare for full, part-time and 1099 contractors
● Converting the trade organization to a membership dues model and shifted from an all volunteer organization to having a paid staff
● NIVA’s volunteers rallied together to assemble the most helpful and informative resources for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant implementation so NIVA members weren’t navigating the process on their own
● We marked the one-year anniversary that the legislation NIVA fought for to Save Our Stages was signed into law. Known as the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, $13.5 billion in emergency relief has gone to nearly 13,000 independent music and comedy venues, festivals and promoters, Broadway theaters, cinemas and museums.

In 2022, we look forward to continuing to develop exclusive member benefits and advocate on behalf of our industry. If you have not been receiving emails from NIVA, then click here to activate your membership. By joining, you’ll receive frequent industry updates, the latest news from NIVA, and be able to take advantage of the exciting member benefits!

Member Benefits – NIVA Chapters Program
We are thrilled to announce the formation of NIVA Chapters as another amazing member benefit! NIVA Chapters are regional hubs of the national organization that operate in various regions across the United States. All active NIVA members in good standing will have automatic membership to the chapter that covers their geographic region. NIVA members that operate in more than one region will have access to all of the chapters within their regions of business. A portion of NIVA national member dues will support NIVA chapters. The chapter system will help venue operators, promoters and festivals join together to create a community to tackle pervasive industry challenges including noise ordinances, tax issues, employment matters, and many more.

Rebecca Sparks
President, High Sierra Music

More information on this program and more is available in the NIVA Member Info Hub.

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