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Photo: Laurie Dameron (by Nataliya Johnson) | COMBO Member Laurie Dameron passed this info along. She wanted her fellow musicians and music supporters to know what was going on. This is from Greg Fuhs of the band Anti-Social Club. They are protesting by taking down their music from Spotify except for their new song “Bye Bye Spotify”.

“As you may have heard, Spotify recently announced that it will no longer pay royalties for songs receiving less than 1,000 streams per year, instead redirecting those funds to artists with songs exceeding that threshold. The company claims this is to better support “emerging and professional artists” and estimates they will redistribute as much as $1 billion over five years. They also claim that small indie artists won’t miss this money – although I don’t think Spotify asked any of us about this.” [Isn’t this what ASCAP and BMI did for so many years?]

Stream the song on Spotify! “Bye Bye Spotify” And get others to stream it.

Please follow me (Laurie Dameron) on Spotify so I can get 1,000 streams per year!

You can read more about this matter HERE:
How Spotify is Stealing From Small Indie Artists, Why It Matters, and What To Do About It

[Thanks, Laurie, for this very important information. ]

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If You’re A Musician In 2024, You Want To Hear This

By Rick Beato
In today’s episode I break down some data that was sent to me by my friends at ChartCipher. This is mind-boggling. 8:57 long

Get it here:

Photo: Laurie Dameron | Photo by Nataliya Johnson |

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