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The Fintons, based in Arvada, are a husband and wife duo who specialize in the ‘20s-60s classics along with their own original music.
Bio: The poet said, “Beauty is truth and truth beauty.” Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so then is truth. My name is Kenny Finton. I’ve been writing music for more that 40 years. I performed as a young man in coffeehouses, concerts, and did the folk circuits during the folk craze in the late 60s. I then became a staff writer in New York City. After three years I got sick of it and moved back to my roots and the countryside. I quit performing during that time, taking time to raise a family, care for elders, and pursue many other ambitions. Yet I never quit writing. I returned to performance in the ‘80s when the urban country craze rocked the movies and radio.

Not liking bars, once again I quit to pursue more intellectual things. I have returned to performing again in the last three or four years and have made a great little niche in Denver playing originals and covers for seniors, casinos and selected venues and parties, most of it local.

Like Little Richard, I am pretty darned well preserved for my age. I would never trade the experiences and challenges I have faced for youth — nor would I take a drink from the fountain of youth, thank you. Except for some inevitable health changes, becoming a senior is a righteous gas and has its own valuable perks. Our performances have done nothing but improve in all that time. I am much fonder of the way I can sing and write now than I ever was as a teenager or a 40-something. I might be too old for ‘American Idol’, but you will quickly find that my music is a lot different melodically and lyrically than the usual fare offered up on the Internet. Whether ‘tis better or not is your choice, not mine. I am pleased with the improvements personally. I have learned the great art of loving my life and times. Chaya and I have been working together for 30 years. She also gets better and better with time. Like old wine, deliciousness is often a matter of time.

You can find more on The Fintons at http://www.thefintons.com

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