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Photo: Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – Credit: Danny Clinch | By Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone/Yahoo Music | Nathaniel Rateliff is reassembling the Night Sweats for a new album. The Future, his third with the group, will be released November 5th on Stax. It’s the follow-up to Rateliff’s 2020 solo LP, And It’s Still Alright.

Rateliff and his seven-piece band preview The Future with the release of the song “Survivor.” “You think that I’m just some great survivor,” Rateliff sneers in the chorus. While the title and his delivery may suggest a song of strength and confidence, it’s actually a dissertation on weakness. “You just feed upon fear you created,” he sings at one point, and “I’m afraid that the weight of the world is catching up to you” at another.

Rateliff and the Night Sweats wrote and recorded The Future at the singer’s studio near Denver with producer Bradley Cook (Bon Iver, Brent Cobb).
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In July, Rateliff released Red Rocks 2020, an 18-track live album recorded at Colorado’s scenic amphitheater during Rateliff’s series of socially-distanced shows.

The Future track list:
1. “The Future”
2. “Survivor”
3. “Face Down in the Moment”
4. “Something Ain’t Right”
5. “Love Me Till I’m Gone”
6. “Baby I Got Your Number”
7. “What If I”
8. “I’m on Your Side”
9. “So Put Out”
10. “Oh, I”
11. “Love Don’t”


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