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“Nanama” is a Ute Native American word. It means, “All together as one.” Nanama global is truly an international collaboration of musicians who’ve willingly volunteered their artistry to make a video specifically for International Jazz Day. The music video remembers and honors a great elephant named Themba. Themba was killed circa the year 1890 for his ivory which was used to manufacture piano keys in 1899. And yet, to this day, elephants face a very uncertain future for a variety of reasons; among them being persistent poaching for their ivory. Themba is indeed the inspiration for our video and we hope together as one we will help call greater attention to the plight of elephants. This one’s for Themba. Aho, aho for Themba! Nanama!

This project took four years from scratch to it’s present state. All the data came from smart phones. The core rhythm section was originally instrumental only and we did it all DIY on my laptop. The bros from Nanama just sent me their audio files and I mixed it out. All the video was done DIY on my laptop. I’m so grateful to have such like minded and beautiful people in my life with whom I can collaborate. Nanama aside, everyone who appears in the video as musician or in cameo are internet contacts who responded willingly to tell the story of Themba.

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This article will continue next week with “The Story of Themba”. I decided to continue it because it is absolutely terrific! ~ Barb

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Just a quick heads up from us here. Nanama global will be publishing this video for International Jazz Day (April 30, 2022). Thanks for all you do for us!


John Paul Riger

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